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MacBiophotonics houses a wide range of analytical microscopes for the broadest range of imaging experiments.

Live cell imaging of steady state fluorescence as well as imaging of fluorescence lifetimes, emission spectra, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and cross-correlation imaging spectroscopy is possible using the different analytical microscopes in the facility. These include the following systems (click title for more information).

MP Leica TCS-SP5 Confocal with FLIM

The Leica TCS SP5 broadband spectral confocal with AOBS and Coherent Chameleon Ultra Laser for multiphoton imaging and FLIM extension for fluorescence lifetime imaging.

Spinning disk confocal

Our spinning disk confocal system is based on a Yokogawa spinning disc confocal unit, Spectral laser merge module LMM5, and ultrafast Hamamatsu back-thinned EMCCD C9100-12 camera for live cell and intravital microscopy.  This microscope is equipped with a whole-microscope LiveCell2 temperature and CO2 environment control system.

Ratio-Imaging Workstation

The ratio imaging workstation is configured for fast imaging of ratiometric probes (e.g. Fura2, FRET-based bioprobes). Using a CARV2 scanhead, the system can operate in either conventional widefield mode or switch to a white-light confocal for high-quality confocal imaging of DAPI, FITC and TRITC.

The Evotec Technologies InsightCell™is a confocal point scanner with integrated single molecule detection mode. The system is capable of FLIM, FIDA and FCS.

This instrument is used in our lab for measuring protein dynamics within sub-cellular compartments. High resolution imaging with high sensitivity is combined with single molecule detection technology within one instrument hereby assessing mechanistic parameters of proteins in living cells.