Cell Culture

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The facility also includes a full range of equipment and facilities for specimen preparation including a large tissue culture suite. There are two Class II biosafety cabinets for tissue culture as well as 6 CO2 37°C incubators; a chilled incubator and a nitrogen fed incubator for precise oxygen environment control.

Robotic cell handling

A Thermo Fisher WorkCell automated robot system automate processing of multi-well tissue culture plates for immuno-fluorescence and also tissue culture.

A Perkin Elmer Janus and Envision liquid handling robot and pate reader are available for automated liquid handling. Contact Facility Staff for details.


The facility houses a number of Beckman Coulter ultra centrifuges including a bench top OptimaMax; Optima L100 and the high throughput Avanti J26 XP.

Bench space

Two lab benches are set aside for visiting collaborators. Please contact Tony Collins, Tony Collins or your collaborator at McMaster to enquire about using the bench space in the facility.