Importance of Medicals for Canada Immigration

When planning to shift to Canada either as long-term immigration or for temporary stay, having a medical check-up by a world-wide approved authority is essential before you get your permit to go. For this reason, with any Canadian visa, you often hear the requirement of medicals. But do you know what medicals are? How is it related to a visa process? Where to do the medicals? In this article, based on the answers of qualified immigration experts in Canada, you will get the best information about the medicals for your migration process.

ircc authorized panel physician

Purpose of Asking Medicals

The Government of Canada aims to invite immigrants who should not be a medical or political threat to the Canadian people. The purpose behind these medicals is to make sure that any situation of you as an immigrant should not affect the public of Canada or cause any major demand placed upon Canadian health or social services. To prove that you have gone through the standard health conditions, you should take medical examinations that normally include blood tests, X-rays and urine tests. And these medicals are done by an IRCC Authorized Panel Physician who plays a major role in the immigration process.

The Validity of your Medicals

After going through the examination, you will get a medical certificate that is valid for one year. If you have not issued a visa within one year of your medical examination date, you have to repeat the exam to receive new and valid reports.

ircc authorized panel physician

Conditions Related to Medicals

As the concept of medicals is large, here are some reasons which cover various areas and conditions connected to getting the medicals done:

All the details provided to the examiner should be relevant and correct to the present health condition.

Any worrying health condition or disease should be informed before.

In some cases, the medicals may be stated rejected or inadmissible. This normally happens when the authorities believe that the applicant is a health risk to the nation after checking his or her case and looking into the complete medical history.

ircc authorized panel physician

For pregnant applicants, X-rays are not suggested as it can be dangerous to the fetus. After birth, the mother and the child both should take a medical examination.

A doctor does the medical examination of your home country or any other country of your choice. But here, the preferred doctor should be a designated  IRCC Authorized Panel Physician approved by Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

And the person who issues the medical certificate is only the Panel Physician. The only decision is taken by the Canadian immigration authorities. If the authorities find an issue in your medical exam, they contact you in writing.

The medical reports will be sent by your Panel Physician. Any required findings on the lab reports will be told to you.

If you have already cleared your medical examination for any kind of temporary visa and later wants to get a permanent residency visa, you should repeat the medical examination to support your PR application.

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